Portal Dual-Belt Grinding Machine KUHLMEYER PDBM 2

The Machine for the efficient grinding of large dimensioned work-pieces with two separate belt drives ⇒ thus no need for belt change.

The PDBM 2 is the result of the ongoing process of enhancement of the KUHLMEYER PBM. Large housings even with inclined surfaces can now be grinded fully automated.

Application areas:

  • Machinebuilding industry
  • Automotive- and aircraft industry
  • Wagon manufacturer
  • Home appliance


  • Steelwork / Steel-service-center

The machine control is based on a menu guided HMI via a SIEMENS SIMATIC S7:

  • Belt speed
  • Tool pressure
  • Choice of tools
  • Tool speed and ways
  • Choice of belt aggregate and working angle
  • Vertikal adjustments and speeds
  • Drive of the movable carrier and
    speed adjustment
  • Positioning of turntable
  • Easy control by pre-programmed
    tool, like line and surface