Weld seam preparation

Here you’ll find Kuhlmeyer’s heavy duty solution to grind edges and bevels in sheet- and plate stock.

Universal Edge Beveller Type UKF

The Universal Edge Beveller Type UKF is designed for the high requirements of weld seam preparation without any critical heat influence on the material / edges. The flexible machine concept, with different table sizes, pressure bars and levels of automation, will be specified for customers requirements.

The high-performance belt grinding process meets all requirements of precision bevels and strips, a clean and metallic-blank seam surface and minimal heat influence.

Application areas:

  • Vehicle industry
  • Heavy equipment industry
  • Shipbuilding, Shipyards
  • Steel construction


  • Crane production
  • Steel-service-center

Technical data / Standard dimension:

  • Table sizes with 3m, 6m, 9m, 12m, 15m and 18m
  • Motor Power 18,5 kW 
  • Material removal rate up to 200 cm³/min
  • Grinding belt speed up to 38 m/s
  • Grinding angle from -45° to +88°
  • Forward speed of grinding unit up to 8 m/min
  • Machine control PLC make by Simatic S7 

Options / Variations:

  • Additional grinding units
  • Open Sideframe. Longer workpieces can be machined by tacting through the working area (workpiece longer then tablesize)
  • Pressure bars with higher pressure (up to 30 tons)
  • Beveling and edge preparation in automatic flow
  • Support jigs and transportation rolls for easy material flow and handling
  • Dust exhaust
  • Noise- and Dustprotection housing

Advantages of the Universal Edge Beveller Type UKF:

  • Savings of approx. 50% – 60% of machining time by higher motor power and material removal rate in comparison to milling lathes or plasma-burning
  • Significant less investment and production costs then Milling lathes or plasma cutter
  • Hourly rate around 70 € is possible, an average dimension of 80 – 100 m/h of bevel-length can be reached. This leads into a rough number of only 0,70 to 0,80 €/m in costs
  • With the state of the art grinding belts (CubitronII) a high removal and lifetime rate by constant quality can be reached. There is only a very low heat influence on the material surface, which grants a highly acceptance for further welding and surface preparation without additional work required
  • The grinding belt reaches a speed up to 38 m/s
  • Bevel angle from -45° up to +88° in one operation without intermediate handling and setup
  • By using the very rigid table surface and movable stop-units the workpieces can be easily and repeatable positioned. The downtime for setup will be reduced to a minimum
  • Very good access from the front side
  • Controls S7 with OP-Panel is easily and safe to use from Operator
  • The UKF allows to grind also pockets on the bevel edges in one operation
  • All parameters, like dimensions, speeds, pressure, removal profiles, overlapping etc. are easy to program and setup
  • Integrated calculation tool for easy programming: input of bevel angle and depth, length and material is enough to produce a new program
  • Quick change of grinding belt within a minute by self-centering of belts
  • High reliability of grinding belts by automated oscillation