Special machines

Beside the wide range of standardized machines and assembly groups for many different applications, we also produce unique and special made customer solutions

Special machines and handling technology

Beside the wide range of standardized and modular built machines and assembly groups for many different applications, we also produce unique and special made customer solutions. With the experience of more than 40 years in grinding and the feasability with the own Design/Development-Department, the well equipped machine shop and the electrical and mechanical setup and testing out of one hand, Kuhlmeyer can provide many different solutions and applications. Following you will find some highlighted applications with brief description.

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Tube preparation (outer welded seam or outer areas)

The location of the special grinding unit and the customized pressure piece are built to erase the outer welded seam. Included here is also the conveyor- and transportation technology with overall control system.

Tube preparation

Even on huge cylindric/round parts we can prepare the outer faces, either in defined areas or in total. Kuhlmeyer supplies the handling , jigs, lifter and rotate devices. All designed to cutomers specification..

Special-Edge- and Bevelling Grinding Unit Type SKF for shipbuilding parts

The so called shipbuilding parts are standardized profiles to strengthen floor and wall parts. These parts are welded in a sandwich-way with the profile in between. For the typical use of the SKF-machine we also can prepare other profiles as well, which might be used in general steel building design.

Our machines are designed to either grind and clean the edges, prepare a required bevel and to clean off the primer paint in the welding areas. These machines are usually stationary machines fixed to the floor and will be equipped with material handling, conveying and transportation devices. The final installation on customers site consists even a housing for noise and dust protection with exhaust system.

Portal-Grinding Machine for weld seam preparation, Kuhlmeyer type SPB 3

The rotable grinding unit is mounted on a linear gantry axes with two linear horizontal movements. By pushing the contact drum, the grinding belt will be contacting the blank and grinds the expected strips and contures in lateral and longitudinal direction to metallic – blank surface.

Frame manufacturing, Kuhlmeyer type PBA

The KUHLMEYER type PBA has two L/R adjustable grinding units on a gantry beam. The workpiece, here we work on mould frames, will be fixed on a machine table and moved through the gantry. The upper surfaces are grinded on the flow. This machine concept is suitable for further automation and use in connected production lines.

Universal-Edge-Beveller UKF: Special solution with two grinding units

This application uses two grinding unuts and can prepare two bevels on top and bottom side at the same time in flow-production of the parts. The front handling equipment with linear gantry picks up the part, makes the orientation, rotates and turns the part as well, so that all faces of cubes can be machined in one operation sequence.

Handling Equipment

In many applications, the economic use of different machines will be reached only by installing a functional and reasonable handling and transportation technology. Even for that requirements Kuhlmeyer offers a wide variation of different solutions for all our machines:

  • Rotate and turnover devices
  • Lifter table with motorized drive system
  • Workpiece handling device with jigs and toolings
  • Roboter loading/unloading
  • Linear gantry handling with 2/3 axes