Large surface grinding

Kuhlmeyer Belt Grinding Machines to process large-sized sheets either graining and finishing surfaces or to dress weld seams, either in automatic or manual operations.

Long Belt Grinding Machine Type LBS

The Long-Belt Grinding Machine is designed for the automated surface grinding of even wavy plates and sheets (cooling plates or mashes), as well as seam weld grinding. The flexible machine concept, with one or two belt grinding units, fixed or movable machine frame, will be designed to customer needs. 

The surface grinding is the precondition for the functional process flow, i.e. for production of composite materials by rolling or explosion cladding, or for production of acid resistant surface with specified qualities. Even to create an Anti-Slip surface by cross grain or design-surfaces on parts out of steel, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, copper etc. and other contact-area preparation for following production process.

Application areas:

  • Shipbuilding, shipyards
  • Steel construction


  • Steel-service-center

Technical data / Standard dimension:

  • Working width of 3m, 6m, 9m and 12 m
  • Motor Power between 15 kW for smaller and 30 kW for heavy duty grinding
  • Working length up to max. 24 m
  • PLC Controls Siemens S7

Options / Variations:

  • Machine table fixed, built as a scissor lifter table: Machine frame movable on robust track guiding (embedded in floor for plain surface or on floor)
  • Machine table / scissor lifter with motorized drive unit: Machine frame is fixed
  • Exhaust system for different materials
  • Additional grinding units and combi-module for grinding weld seams
  • Secure fencing, scanner
  • Turnover device for workpieces
  • Material handling

Advantages of the Long Belt Grinding Machine Type LBS:

  • High quality surface grinding on large sized (wavy) blanks, even with cutouts and shaped forms
  • With the state of the art grinding belts a high removal rate by constant quality can be reached. There is only a very low heat influence on the material surface, which grants a highly acceptance for further welding and surface protection without additional work required
  • The grinding belt reaches a speed up to 25 m/s
  • Due to the big working area and drive units, even large sized workpieces can be machined in one operation without separate setup
  • Controls S7 with OP-Panel is easily and safe to use from Operator
  • All Parameters, like dimensions, speeds, pressure, removal profiles, overlapping etc. are easy to program and setup
  • Additionally a second hand pendant can be used for setup and teach-in of new programs 
  • Track guiding can be embedded in the floor to reach a smooth and even surface without any trip hazards  for operators and vehicles
  • Quick and simple change of grinding belt by self-centering belt run