Single Belt Grinding Machine Type EBSC

The basic machine for ergonomic grinding of smaller parts and lot sizes

The EBS-Compact is designed for grinding welded edges, corners and surfaces of smaller components. By easy replacement of the grinding belt the machine is rapidly changed between roughing and finishing process.

The compact design allows the integration of the machine into existing production areas. The main advantage is the easy and ergonomic grinding with the maximum quality by the precise Kuhlmeyer-technology and experience. 

Technical data / Standard dimension:

  • Table size: 1500 x 500 mm
  • Workpiece weigh: Max. 30 kg 
  • Table movement horizontal manually: 530 mm
  • Vertical lifter stroke motorized: 480 mm
  • Footprint dimensions: 2400 x 1850 x 2000 mm 
  • Extraction flange and volume: Ø 150 mm und 1500 m³/h
  • Adjustable belt speed: 4 -25 m/s
  • Grinding belt dimension: 100 x 4745 mm


  • Quick changing of abrasive belts for roughing and finishing
  • Triangular configuration for excellent access to and visibiloity oft he working area
  • Pneumatic belt tensioning adjustable
  • Adjustable grinding belt speed
  • Swivel grinding belt up to 90° with perfect belt centering
  • Table height adjustment with soft start ramp
  • Self-centering of grinding belt 
  • Easy opening of belt cover
  • Smooth moving prism rollers for table, contact pressure tools and table height adjustment
  • Enhanced safety by safety switches and E-Stop-button
  • Free swiveling pressure tool
  • Pressure roller adaptable with a quick coupling 

Single Belt Grinding Unit EBSC with options

  • Additional carriage with Deburring Unit
  • Unit with flange diameter 125 mm and quick connection for different brushing heads
  • Drive motor with 0,37 kW and 1500 rpm
  • Rubber layer on the table